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The Curse of the Bogle's Beard

ISBN-978 1407 12489 6

There's more than meets the eye to Granny Hogsflesh and her pickling empire, but even Barnaby couldn't have guessed how much more. Nor could he possibly have imagined what actually happened to his dad, who, burping and slurping, mysteriously disappeared into the night... What has Granny done? Enter the hilarious and disgusting world of bogles and pickling with a delightfully eccentric cast and deliciously dark humour.

"Siobhan Rowden has a deceptively light touch and great energy"

- Inis Magazine

"Siobhan Rowden's debut novel manages to arrive at a distinctive flavour of its own ... should enthral young readers" - Financial Times

The Revenge of the Ballybogs

ISBN 978 1407 12490 2

The sequel to the hilarious debut THE CURSE OF THE BOGLE'S BEARD. Finally free of devious bogles, Barnaby and his parents are working happily at Granny Hogsflesh's Pickle Factory. But when Barnaby's mum goes missing along with the pickled remains of Belchetta Ballybog, it can only mean one thing: the bogles want revenge...


"Bogles and the disgusting territory they occupy will delight all fans of those other heroes...Mr Gum and Mr Stink"  

- Julia Eccleshare, LoveReading4Kids

Wild Moose Chase       

ISBN 978-1-78433-098-9


Twins Cam and Bert compete over everything. And they've found the ultimate competition ...


The Queen wants moose cheese and nothing else will do! It will mean an impossible worldwide adventure to collect the ingredients. Many have tried and failed before. But then no one has ever wanted to win as much as Cam and Bert ...

"Humour, excitement and word-play abound, but don't obscure the underlying messages of friendship, co-operation and loyalty."



"A wonderful mix of the absurd and the adventurous."

Books For Keeps 



                           *Stardust Academy* 






Vip Locks does not want to become famous,

and he really doesn’t want to go to Stardust Academy, the legendary school of fame.

But his celebrity parents want him to live up to his name and become a V. I. P.

Vip soon realises that there’s more to Stardust Academy than just magical personal trainers and Whitening-Bolt toothpaste.

Superstar headmistress, Fenella Stardust, is hiding a secret.

And since Vip is the only kid in school without stars in his eyes, he is the only one who can find out the truth...



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